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FSVP Plan (Foreign Supplier Verification Programs Plan)


Who needs FSVP plan?

If you are US based food importer, you need to have FSVP Plan to meet the FDA FSVP requirements.


What is included in Willow Glen Consultancy’s FSVP Plan?

  • Foreign Supplier Verification Program Standard Operating Procedure

  • Foreign Supplier Interview Assessment

  • Foreign Supplier Compliance Status Review

  • Foreign Supplier Hazard Analysis

  • Foreign Supplier Customer Complaint

  • Foreign Supplier Monitoring

  • Foreign Supplier Registry

  • Foreign Supplier Verification Checklist

  • Foreign Supplier Reevaluation Form


What you need before creating FSVP Plan?

  • Foreign Supplier company Information (Name, address, phone number).

  • Foreign Supplier FDA registration number.

  • Foreign Supplier Quality contact person name, e-mail & title.

  • Foreign Supplier HACCP, ISO, and all quality certificate available.

  • Foreign Supplier Testing reports if available.


Qualified Individual (QI) for FSVP Plan

A qualified individual (QI) is someone who has successfully completed certain training in the development and application of risk-based preventive controls or is otherwise qualified through job experience to develop and apply a food safety system.


Qualified Individual’s responsibility may include:

  • Review of the compliance status of foods and foreign suppliers

  • Analysis of hazards reasonably likely to occur with foods

  • Determination and performance of appropriate foreign supplier verification activities

  • Review of complaints, investigation of adulteration or misbranding, and taking of corrective actions

  • Periodic Reassessment of the FSVP

  • Importer Identification At Entry

  • FSVP Recordkeeping

FSVP Agent Services (FSVP for Amazon Seller)

If you are foreign small companies with no importer in the United States or US based food importer needs help, Willow Glen Consultancy can act as the representative of the foreign manufacturer and maintain the documentation required for supplier verification.

Please contact us for more detail (

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